Nearly all public facilities such as schools, parks, and office buildings use a substantial
amount of surface sanitizing and disinfecting products while cleaning their restrooms and other public spaces. These products are inherently toxic and formulated to kill living organisms. There are various harsh chemical compounds such as alcohols, quaternary ammonium cation, aldehydes, oxidizing agents such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxides, iodine; that are used as a disinfectant effectively. However, these compounds suffer from various constraints such as their harmfulness, corrosive nature and bacterial resistance.

To overcome these hazards, Nuturell has created a unique Non-Toxic, Non-Chemical formula with silver technology having long-term efficacy of 90 days. Nuturell has a broad killing range of pathogens including SARS - COV2. The International Organization for Standardization states; Silver technology is a “Green” surface shield with exterior particle dimension between1 and 100 nm, respectively; Silver has been well-known as an antimicrobial agent and for its medicinal importance since the 15th century due to the remarkable pathogen killing properties.

How NSS With Silver Technology Kills Pathogens

First Line of Defense / Crystalline Barrier

Nuturell has designed a natural mechanism within the formulation that creates a positive crystalline barrier that draws the microbial life forms to itself and punctures the cell wall that will cause the pathogens to bleed out and die; this process is considered a mechanical kill.

Second Line of Defense / Silver Technology

Nuturell’s Silver technology will block the bacterial respiratory system and thereby destroy the energy production of the cell. In the end, the bacterial cell membrane will burst, and the bacteria will be destroyed; another form of a mechanical kill.

Description Steps of Pathogen Death

1) The Silver Ions (AG+) bind to the pathogen's cell wall; blocking transportation of RNA to
and from the cell.
2) Silver technology attacks the respiratory system of the pathogen; destroying the energy production.
3) Within the cell wall of the bacteria the silver technology terminates all cell division which prevents pathogen replication.

To read the detailed explanation of the studies behind Nuturell Surface Shield, click HERE.

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